Interview with Atlanta Kassatly - Vice President, Consulting

We spoke with resident value communication specialist and Vice President of Consulting Atlanta Kassatly about developments in market access and the ingredients of a successful customer engagement tool. Can you start by saying a little about your background in health economics? Sure. I’m particularly interested in the role of he...

Make data-driven decisions with BaseCase Success

It’s been recently estimated that only 30% of B2B marketing content has the opportunity to make a return on investment. As a result, there is now increasing pressure on stakeholders to avoid this waste by quantifying their campaign strategies. As an all-in-one platform, BaseCase uniquely supports data-driven decision-making, from co...

Update: Text field control

The text field control has recently received a major update, substantially increasing the number of styling options available. It is now possible to create text fields that perfectly match the look and feel of your apps. Additionally, your customized text field styles can also be managed along with other control ...

New release: BaseCase for Windows

BaseCase is pleased to announce the new release (v3.1.0) of BaseCase for Windows. BaseCase for Windows has been completely rebuilt with cutting-edge technology. The new Chromium-based engine in this latest release has allowed for expanded feature support as well as substantial performance improvements. As with earlier releases (previously named the ...

Get organized, with App and User Categories

The recent addition of App and User Categories to BaseCase Interactive allows you to categorize apps and users across your entire organization. This enables: More consistent organization of apps and users Improved search options for both users and administrators Aggregate analysis of app and user categories using BaseCase Success App ...

How to convert PDFs into interactive apps

How can you convert your PDFs into dynamic apps for customer engagement? A new, user-friendly feature on BaseCase Interactive helps you do this with just a few clicks. It doesn’t matter what device your team prefers - iPad, laptop, Microsoft Surface or Android tablets - your newly interactive presentations wi...

Using RWD Tip #6 — Keep it simple and transparent

To present a credible value story, it’s essential to maintain transparency. If you’re using large datasets and novel sources of evidence, it’s even more important to offer clients easy access to your sources. When integrating real-world data into customer-facing tools, be sure to show, share and reference new da...

Dodgy Wi-Fi? Make sure your digital tools work offline

Traditionally, access to dynamic information such as real-world datasets has been provided via a central data repository referenced over the internet. However, it’s not always possible to guarantee a reliable internet connection in the field. Securing a meeting with an important payer or healthcare provider only to find that yo...

Using RWD: Tip #5 — Get a better MLR approval process

Market access professionals know all too well that the medical, legal and regulatory review process can be challenging to manage, and time-consuming to execute. However, with a modern MLR approval process it’s possible to use large real-world datasets in your customer engagement tools without causing extra delay. Part of th...


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