Localize real-world data to boost customer engagement

Real-world data is powerful partly because it can help communicate the potential impact of a new drug or medical device, not just in trials, but in the ‘real world’. But it’s important to appreciate how much ‘real world’ settings can differ between markets, products and regions - there is no single ...

What kinds of RWD can you use in a customer engagement tool?

Clever use of real-world data does not require supercomputers to crunch ‘big data’. We recommend identifying data sources early - perhaps as an extension of building a value dossier - and then incorporating that data into field-based applications. Useful sources to consider include: patient population data, prescribing information, pricing information, regi...

Get easy-to-update digital tools that integrate RWD

The market access landscape is constantly changing, and real-world data starts going out-of-date the moment it’s published. For it to deliver a meaningful edge in the field, RWD must be incorporated into your digital tools rapidly. One thing we learned in our discussions with clients and industry experts is th...

Avoid compliance problems using RWD in the field

Compliance is already the one thing most likely to keep market access professionals awake at night. As large real-world datasets start to become more important, the challenges of keeping on top of the evidence and staying compliant threaten to undermine sleep even further. Fortunately, there is a way to streamline ...

How to use real-world data to monitor competitive threats

In a dynamic and highly competitive market, two things are important: monitoring trends effectively, and having the capability to react fast. Real-world data can provide actionable insights into market developments. Commercial managers can use RWD to update internal audiences on market share, competitive threats from new efficacy data, or pricing ...

Can you afford not to use RWD in your tools?

At a time of rising costs, the thought of integrating large datasets into your customer engagement tools can seem daunting - but it needn’t be expensive, or time-consuming. ‘Big data’ is now used across the life science industries, for a range of purposes. It’s used to develop new drugs an...

Interview — Daniel González-Albo, Marketing Creative

Tell us a bit about your marketing experience in the life sciences industry. My work in the life sciences industry began about two years ago at AbbVie Spain. They needed someone with both analytical and design skills to create customer engagement apps using BaseCase Interactive. I developed content for several ...


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