BaseCase is a Software-as-a-Service company with offices in Berlin and New York.

With our suite of SaaS products, pharmaceutical and medtech companies engage more effectively with payers, healthcare providers, and healthcare professionals by using personalized, interactive mobile content.

BaseCase uniquely combines ‘no-code’ content creation and sales enablement on a single SaaS platform, revolutionizing how global organizations make and use mobile content.

With BaseCase, you can:

  • Create interactive mobile content using ordinary business software skills.
  • Remove the need for programmers and accelerate content creation.
  • Distribute cross-platform mobile content globally, with just a few clicks.
  • Adapt mobile content to international markets and create global synergies.
  • Manage content in the cloud, saving resources and reducing compliance risk.

The problems we solve

Problem #1

Before BaseCase, the high costs of custom software prevented many affiliates in smaller markets from developing interactive sales tools. Larger affiliates that could afford expensive custom software tools, did so purely for their own markets. Globally, this lead to a huge duplication of effort, wasted resources, and missed market opportunities.


Now, BaseCase enables life science companies to leverage mobile content across markets and create global synergies. Centrally developed content can be shared with affiliates and then adapted to fit all markets, quickly and efficiently. Affiliates can even do their own adaptations and updates in-house — something simply not possible before.

Problem #2

Before BaseCase, creating sales tools was the exclusive domain of external agencies. Life science companies had no choice but to outsource the creation and implementation of sales tools. This external dependency proved to be very inefficient and costly. Custom software projects frequently suffered from delays and mediocre quality as the communication agencies struggled with technology not central to their business. Making even a simple change to mobile content was a tedious and expensive process.


Now, BaseCase enables its customers to create visually engaging, interactive mobile content, with no more than standard business software skills. By removing agency dependence, our customers can take some –or all– of the content creation and update process in-house. This allows them to leverage their internal skills and resources as well as safeguard timelines and control quality. Ultimately, BaseCase provides its customers greater flexibility, shorter timelines, and lower cost.

Our Story

Discover why BaseCase is now used within the top-ten global pharma and medtech companies.

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