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Getting started with in-house development: storyboarding
Getting started with in-house development: the skills you need
Getting started with in-house development: how does it work?
Challenges With Using Advanced Data Analytics in Healthcare Decision‑Making
Visualizing Complex Healthcare Data for Market Access Strategies
Announcing the Launch of BaseCase Data Studio
Press Release: Certara Launches BaseCase Data Studio
Leveraging Real-World Data (RWD) for Powerful Value Communication
Press Release: Certara Announces the Launch of Basecase Data Manager to Enhance Value-based Customer Presentations
Sharing Interactive Mobile Apps with Healthcare Professionals: Challenges and the Solution
Digital resource distribution: The simple, secure, and efficient way
Ensuring Success of Your Mobile Tools for Stakeholder Engagement | Tiffany Elizabeth Tan
UI/UX Design Tactics for Developing Cutting-edge Value Communication Apps | Daniel González‑Albo
Leveraging Consultant Expertise to Build Effective Value Communication Tools | Atlanta Kassatly
Common contracting tools for market access
The rise of hybrid contracting tools
A modernized Global Value Dossier (GVD) that offers efficient access to resources and user‑engagement
Effectively leveraging product Global Value Dossiers
The evolution of BaseCase
Content providers, technology providers, and the BaseCase platform: What’s the difference?
The various uses of BaseCase Toolkits
Product Announcement: Introducing BaseCase Toolkits
BaseCase Portal vs. website-based distribution methods
Announcing the launch of BaseCase Portal
BaseCase adds SQL support
How life science companies are using real world data in the field
Successfully integrating RWD into effective value communication tools
How to use large datasets in the field
BaseCase Meetings : CRM features and integration options
How US MedTech field teams can better engage hospital decision makers using large Medicare and Medicaid datasets
New add-on: BaseCase Meetings
Product Launch: increase the productivity of your field teams using BaseCase Meetings
The top 2 use cases of value-based pricing tools
How UK market access teams can better engage budget holders using large NHS datasets
Product announcement: increase the productivity of your field teams with BaseCase Meetings
Are you maximizing the commercial impact of your real-world evidence
Guide: Full-Screen Apps
Stay sharp — BaseCase Interactive adds SVG support
Introducing the new Text Area
Check out Asset Manager’s new productivity-boosting updates
Product launch: Harness the power of large datasets with Data Manager
“The best evidence is in the real world” - FDA taking steps to allow real-world data for medical device approval
Season's Greetings from BaseCase
2016 Life Sciences Industry: Year in Review
BaseCase Tip — Drag and drop colors and fonts to develop apps faster
Coming Soon — Embed Animations With The Video Control
Happy Thanksgiving from BaseCase!
Interview with Atlanta Kassatly - Vice President, Consulting
Make data-driven decisions with BaseCase Success
Update: Text field control
New release: BaseCase for Windows
Get organized, with App and User Categories
New Add-On: BaseCase Data Manager — Launching January 2017
How to convert PDFs into interactive apps
Using RWD Tip #6 — Keep it simple and transparent
Dodgy Wi-Fi? Make sure your digital tools work offline
Using RWD: Tip #5 — Get a better MLR approval process
Localize real-world data to boost customer engagement
What kinds of RWD can you use in a customer engagement tool?
Get easy-to-update digital tools that integrate RWD
How to be successful at integrating real-world data into tools for your field team
Avoid compliance problems using RWD in the field
How to use real-world data to monitor competitive threats
Can you afford not to use RWD in your tools?
New kinds of data give your KAMs an edge with payers and providers
At ISPOR Vienna — The essential guide to using RWD in your digital tools
Interview — Daniel González-Albo, Marketing Creative
Top five benefits of Sofware‑as‑a‑Service
Meet us at ISPOR Singapore
BaseCase Berlin HQ to double in size
Three key goals for pharma customer engagement
Interview: Heidi Waters - Director of Outcomes Management, Otsuka
Happy 4th of July from BaseCase USA
June Events — Minneapolis and London
Add depth and elevation with shadows
Unique data visualization with Scatter Plot
Import Pages: breathe new life into PDFs
The Editor gets a new look
Measuring the impact of malaria
ISPOR Washington D.C. — 23 - 25 May
Pfizer drops $160b Allergan deal
$1.8b Novo Nordisk facility sign of growing diabetes market
Interview — Urte Simkeviciute, Customer Success Lead
'Brexit' spells years of chaos for UK pharma industry
Is obesity a disease? The growing market for new treatments
Interview — Carolin Miltenburger, HEOR & Market Access Strategist
Pfizer buys Allergan for $160 billion
BaseCase impact recognized in Berlin
Happy Thanksgiving from BaseCase USA!
Medical Device Access Leaders Forum 2015
Customer Engagement USA 2015 - Digital and Multichannel Marketing Summit for US Pharma
We're at ISPOR!
Why should you choose BaseCase?
New diagnostic techniques promise better cancer treatment
Create more interactive apps with the Dynamic Image control
Bulk operations make life easier for admins
Pharma outlook: pricing and market access
6 weeks to create a customer engagement app?
Interview: Christine Nichols, Medtronic Advanced Energy
Better navigation helps payers find the right message
Introducing the BaseCase Community Website
Teva buys part of Allergan for $40b. What future for generics?
The Key to Success with Closed Loop Marketing
Health Economics and Outcomes Research – What's the Value?
New report tracks U.S. pivot from prescriber to payer
Inside the black box: Shining a light on payer decision‑making
Ageing population demands oncology, med device products
'Send to front' and 'Send to back'
Popups: new and improved!
More improvements to Buttons
BaseCase apps now faster and more powerful
Meet our team at the Chicago Medical Device Conference
BaseCase opens New York office
Interview: Antonio Piu - design & value communication expert
Reps can't get access to HCPs? Try getting to the point, suggests study.
$3.5 billion market for advanced wound care
9 tips to get the most out of BaseCase Interactive
China pharma market boom
½ trillion dollar pharma market by 2020
Interview: Nicolas Hatcher, Software Developer at BaseCase
Interview: Devendra Gera, Lead Infrastructure Engineer
PDF reports now include dynamic references
Enhance confidentiality with the signature control
Dynamic storyboard: more flexible, tailored presentations
Copy and paste now available in BaseCase Interactive
New example: interactive iPad app for the sales force
No other CLM platform lets you create iPad apps
What impact has the Sunshine Act had?
Interview: Bart Heeg, Founder of Ingress Health
Interview: Emma Aldridge, onboarding guru
Inside BaseCase: unique software for the life sciences industry
Can your field team react quickly to a change in the market?
18-year high for new drug approvals
Shire buys NPS Pharmaceuticals for $5.2 billion
Pharma industry outlook for 2015
New USA Map for visualizing data and selecting states
Every country counts: engage payers in all your markets
Create cleaner, more interactive apps with the Dynamic box
Vertical labels make it easier to translate apps
BaseCase adds support for Excel array formulas
Proving Cost-Effectiveness using Health Economics and an iPad
Happy Holidays from BaseCase
Leverage your evidence to promote market adoption
Interview: Nikolaos Tsitiridis, Value Communication Expert
For your next product launch, engage payers better
Helping Global Players Reach Local Payers
Value communication updates
New features to improve navigation
Localize your apps with the Currency Selector
Visit us in Amsterdam at ISPOR Europe 2014
Introducing new and improved buttons
Do you experience a Global-Local disconnect?
The anatomy of a value story
Show the value of market access
The Top Do's and Don'ts of Value Communication
The rising influence of payers
E-Detailing on the iPad: the essential sales tool
What does e-detailing entail? How digital marketing is shaping the pharmaceutical industry
An explanation of the cost-effectiveness plane
The value of communicating value in the pharmaceutical industry
Budget impact models - making an impact
Do pharma companies need a dedicated platform for key account management?
Value communication: how to get your message across to payers and providers
A new market access strategy to offer budget holders value
New HQ for growing BaseCase team
New BaseCase Branded Edition - a better workflow for global market access
New reference styling makes it easy to show your payers the evidence
Interview with Katrin Yr Magnusdottir, Roche Denmark
Online Presentation Tools in the Pharmaceutical Industry are Key
Discover BaseCase at ISPOR Montreal 2014
What are your global app development costs?
You've got the iPad, but do you have the right content for market access?
Interview with Daniel Viriato, Health Economics and Outcomes Research Specialist at Novartis Portugal
Wider range of fonts now available
Over 50 new functions added to the BaseCase Editor
New color picker enables layer effects
Cut costs with a new translation workflow
Value Communications v2.0: Getting the Foundations Right
Sales and Marketing Strategies in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Speak your payers’ language: a new workflow to globalize market access success
Interview with Jeff Nichols, Director of Product Design at BaseCase
Think global, act local: a global marketing strategy that fits local pharma markets
Access the Brazilian market
Three ways pharma can make market access count
How to communicate health economic data to regional decision makers more effectively
BaseCase and Novartis present case study at the Payers’ Forum in Berlin
Using HEOR to improve market access for orphan drugs
Communicating HEOR to colleagues
Cloud Computing and e-Detailing on the iPad
Closed Loop Marketing: Closing the Gap for Pharma
Closed Loop Marketing for market access
BaseCase Versus Custom-Built Apps
2014 outlook for market access: rising budgets and fewer patent expirations
Interview with Leo Nherera, Health Economics Manager at Woundchek Laboratories
Engaging with budget holders in the new NHS Clinical Commissioning Group
The BaseCase recipe for warm wishes
Staying on top of the value message
Improved model editor in BaseCase Interactive
BaseCase sponsors the 2013 Medical Device Leaders' Market Access Forum
Report from the 16th European Congress of ISPOR in Dublin
Interview with Signe Høngaard Thybo, Healthcare Partnering Manager, Health Economics at Roche Denmark
BaseCase now available on Windows 8 devices
Pharmaceutical Data Security: Controlling the Message
Discover BaseCase CLM at ISPOR Dublin, 2-6 November 2013
How to roll out a global value proposition
How the creativity of affiliates can improve the global value story
Focus on payers: two events in Berlin this October
New Feature: Embed a slideshow into your BaseCase app
New Feature: Centralized asset management
Access to Medicines: The Role of Pricing and Technology
New Product Launch: BaseCase CLM
Gijs Hubben to speak at Marketing, Commercial & SFE Summits
Pharma sales 2012: the year of the patent cliff
SoftLayer joins IBM's SmartCloud division
BaseCase CEO speaks at Chicago medical device conference
Interview with Madlaina Costa-Scharplatz, Head of Health Economics at Novartis Sweden
The importance of offline access to mobile presentation tools
Guest Article from Pope Woodhead: Value Communications v2.0
Faster Computation on BaseCase
New Reference List Control on BaseCase
New: Improved World Map and Europe Map
Market Access in the World's Most Rapidly Growing Economy
Launching at ISPOR 2013: BaseCase Closed Loop Marketing for HEOR and Market Access
New Features to Make Sharing Apps Worldwide Easy
UK Move Towards Value-Based Pricing Part of Wider Trend
Keeping Intellectual Property Safe
Changing Value in America: Obamacare and Market Access
New Features: Linked Dropdowns and Searchable Lists
New Feature: Updated Forest Plot
New Feature: Reference Management
Interview with Zenichi Ihara, Senior Analyst in Health Economics and Reimbursement at Medtronic
Storytelling as an Innovative Tool for Sales Success - This is no Fairytale
Introducing: The New BaseCase App for iPad
Success Factors in Value Communication Design - Testing and Evaluation
The Cloud and Cloud-Computing: Pharma and Medical Device's Biggest Trend for 2012
Success Factors in Value Communication Design - Layering Information
Success Factors in Value Communication Design - Telling the Story
Success Factors in Value Communication Design - Start with the Key Message
Success Factors in Value Communication Design - Introduction
Pharma Reps Transition from Salesforce to Educators - Stakeholders Benefit
How to roll out a global value proposition to local affiliates
Communicate Value for Medical Devices through Interactive Sales Presentations
BaseCase and ThermoFisher present e-poster at the ISPOR conference in Washington
BaseCase welcomes its new Director of Health Economics and Value Communications
Pope Woodhead and BaseCase Collaborate on First Project
A new trend on the horizon? HEOR integration with eDetailing tools
BaseCase in Barcelona for the 2nd Annual Pharma E-Marketing Congress
BaseCase at the Diagnostics Market Access Conference and the Medical Device Leaders Forum
BaseCase Usability - Interview with Dr. Waka Udezi
Interview with Gijs Hubben, Co-Founder and CEO of BaseCase
BaseCase in the Nation's Capital at ISPOR Washington
How to Avoid the "Titanic Effect" in Pharma: Guest Article
Release of iPad 3: The Ultimate Health Economics Solution
Measuring the Return on Investment of Health Economics and Outcomes Research through the Cloud
Linked Sliders - The Easy Solution for Complicated Models
How Online Tools Are Changing Medical Device Sales
How to Engage Clients and Increase Sales with Interactive Presentations
From Pager to iPad; the Niche Market for Mobile Devices that is Healthcare
Pharmaceuticals Leveraging Interactive Tools for Commercial Success
Online Presentation Tools in the Pharmaceutical Industry are Key
Success and Launch of BaseCase Education at ISPOR Madrid
BaseCase Workshops at upcoming ISPOR in Madrid
Sublime Data Visualization and Presentation
BaseCase presents at the 2nd Annual Device Reimbursement Conference in Brussels
BaseCase at the Health Technology Assessment World Europe 2010 in London
BaseCase Interactive 5 released at ISPOR Prague
Blood donation screening strategies dashboard
BaseCase at European Diagnostic Reimbursement & Market Access Conference, Frankfurt, Germany
Public cost-effectiveness model on home management of malaria
ISPOR Workshop: Using Interactive Presentations to Communicate Pharma Economic Evidence to Payers
Modeling Approaches for HTA: a Practical Hands-On Workshop
BaseCase Adds Offline Support
BaseCase at the European Pharmaceutical Reimbursement and Market Access Conference
New dashboard on the cost-effectiveness of treatment for erosive oesophagitis (GERD)
Launch of the Interactive Cost-Effectiveness Plane
Launch of Interactive Dashboards
BaseCase Software at Health Technology Assessment World 2009
BaseCase supports R Statistics