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Announcing the launch of BaseCase Portal

It’s common practice for life science companies to provide third parties—such as payers, providers, and HCPs—with a range of digital resources. These resources are often distributed through a custom password-protected website and are intended to optimize product utilization and patient care, in addition to maximizing product lifespans.

However, given the widespread use of smart phones and tablets, it is becoming increasingly convenient to provide resources in the form of mobile apps. The majority of HCPs now use mobile devices daily in clinical practice to access dosage calculators, clinical research, medical information, and other evidence-based clinical tools. But efficiently distributing mobile apps globally to third parties through a custom website can be challenging and costly.

Announcing the launch of BaseCase Portal: the fastest way to provide payers, providers, and HCPs with access to fully-compliant mobile apps.

Designed specifically to provide rapid access to digital resources within a clinical setting, Portal can be used to create and distribute a variety of tools for third parties, such as:

  • Decision support tools (e.g. dosage calculators)
  • Clinical trial progress trackers
  • eLearning materials
  • Event sign-up forms and information
  • Product questionnaires

No matter what you want to share, whether it’s HD video, PDFs, or cutting-edge mobile apps, Portal just works.

The Portal Distribution Center allows administrators to centrally manage global content distribution by creating app packages which group together resources for specific audiences in different locales. Once a user has completed a self-service enrollment process, relevant resources based on their language, region, and therapeutic area will be automatically displayed on their device.

Additionally, BaseCase Success integrates with Portal to provide real-time global analytics tracking for all your organization’s digital resources. Portal is also GDPR compliant, so any data you have access to will have been freely provided by users.

Learn more about BaseCase Portal and how you can distribute mobile apps to payers, providers, and HCPs by downloading our guide on digital resource distribution.

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