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Are you maximizing the commercial impact of your real-world evidence

Over the past few years global pharma and medtech companies have invested heavily in real-world evidence (RWE). RWE is becoming essential as payers and providers increasingly seek evidence to support the effectiveness of a product in the real world.

RWE is considered the ideal addition to clinical trial data because it demonstrates the impact of a new drug or medical device outside of controlled clinical environments.

To effectively communicate RWE, there are two main considerations:

  • Is the data relevant? Usually, RWE is communicated to payers and providers via a peer-reviewed study, which focuses on a general patient population. Even though the data used has the potential to show results for specific sub-groups, it’s not feasible to include all of these in a publication.
  • Is the data up-to-date? RWE is continuously gathered, meaning payers and providers expect to see the most recent data. However, delays associated with publishing means the data goes out of date, which reduces credibility.

Ideally, pharma and medtech companies would give their field teams access to up-to-date RWE in a way that allows them to present a tailored analysis to each payer or provider. But giving field teams such access presents additional barriers:

  • Large volumes of data are unwieldy. Often stretching hundreds of thousands of rows, the sheer size of RWE leads to technical challenges. It’s impractical for field teams to work directly with the full database.
  • High risks of non-compliance. Field teams having direct access to the database usually results in manually copying data into their slide decks, increasing compliance risks.
  • Hard to maintain. Sources of RWE are constantly updating, and ensuring that field teams can easily access the most up-to-date data in a compliant manner is a difficult, yet necessary task.

BaseCase Data Manager now makes it possible for field teams to use RWE effectively.

BaseCase is a cloud-based value communication platform for the life sciences industry. Our new Data Manager add-on removes technical issues associated with using RWE in the field. Data Manager enables market access teams to create field tools that are backed by an RWE database. Field teams can now present a tailored RWE analysis to customers while remaining compliant. Data Manager has also been designed to allow for easy, in-house updates, allowing you to keep your tools up-to-date.

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