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The anatomy of a value story

In the face of financial headwinds, payers increasingly demand to know what the economic impact of a new product will be. As a result, market access teams are growing in importance and value communication is now an essential part of the product launch process. This isn’t something pharma companies ha...

The rising influence of payers

Over the last several years we’ve seen a striking rise in the level of influence held by payers. At the local level, the key decision makers are no longer physicians, or prescribers, but government agencies, insurers, pharmacy benefits managers, and other senior-level budget holders. The importance of payers in bo...

An explanation of the cost-effectiveness plane

Introduction The cost-effectiveness plane (CE plane) is an important tool used in cost-effectiveness analysis, and applied widely in the healthcare industry. It aims to clearly illustrate differences in costs and effects between different strategies, whether they comprise medical interventions, treatments, or even a combination of the two. By visually representing ...