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BaseCase adds SQL support

We’re excited to announce that BaseCase Data Manager now supports the use of SQL, which allows for the quick and efficient use of large databases. This update enables app developers to incorporate much larger, and more complex databases that comprise hundreds of thousands of rows into Basecase apps—in a fast and user-friendly manner.

Data Manager now provides the unique combination of SQL data selection and spreadsheet processing. This powerful approach allows data to be quickly selected from large databases, and then processed in a workbook, using standard spreadsheet formulas.

Data Manager allows you to easily build simple and intuitive user interfaces powered by large, complex databases. Inputs, sliders, and dropdowns can be linked to dynamic filters or SQL queries, allowing non-technical users to easily select relevant data. Selected data can then be computed using spreadsheet formulas and visualized in charts or graphs live, during engagements.

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You now don’t have to be a data scientist to interact with large databases. By making large databases accessible to non-technical users, Data Manager increases the scope of how data can be used during payer engagements. As a result, new use-cases have emerged, such as meta analysis tools.

Previously, presenting relevant and up-to-date clinical trial data was challenging, even outside of time-pressured environments, such as payer engagements. With Data Manager, mobile meta analysis tools can be created to quickly filter and query complex clinical trial databases, enabling field teams to easily present and visualize the outcomes of different scenarios.

Download the brochure to learn more about BaseCase Data Manager, its use-cases, and SQL support.

Download the data manager brochure