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BaseCase adds support for Excel array formulas

Over the last several months, we’ve been working hard to implement array formulas on the BaseCase Editor, and we’re now proud to announce the successful completion of the project.

Led by Senior Software Developer Nicolas Hatcher, the successful integration of array formulas represents a significant milestone that improves BaseCase compatibility with Microsoft Excel, the most widely used spreadsheet product available on the market.

We already support most of the formulas available in Excel, and the addition of array formulas makes things even easier for app developers.

An array formula is a particularly powerful tool that enables you to perform several calculations on one or more of the items in an array. In many cases, using an array formula instead of a non-array formula will make the workbook lighter, and also ‘safer’, because it’s harder to break.

If your model uses this kind of formula, the update will significantly reduce the time and resources needed to create a BaseCase app, as it’ll no longer be necessary to remove or rewrite parts of the spreadsheet. You can simply upload and convert to our native format with a few clicks.

You can find out more about array formulas here.