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BaseCase at European Diagnostic Reimbursement & Market Access Conference, Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany 20-21 September 2010

As diagnostic tests continue to evolve in their complexity and abundance, manufacturers face great challenges in finding support for these tests in an increasingly crowded marketplace. With manufacturers continuing to innovate and create cutting edge diagnostic products, healthcare payers and physicians are equally challenged to determine which test is the most effective for their patient populations.

Dr. Gijs Hubben of BaseCase Software will speak about communicating the value of diagnostics to healthcare providers, using a novel approach using interactive presentations on the web.

The evidence required for diagnostic market access and reimbursement is becoming increasingly complex. More frequently, sophisticated models and economic analysis is used to show the value of new diagnostic products in a specific setting. To be effectively used in sales discussions, the analysis needs to be transparent and easy to understand, as well as interactive so it can be adapted to the region or the population of the decision maker.

  • How can you effectively customize a ‘business case’ for a healthcare provider?
  • How can you optimally present economic evidence to healthcare providers or physicians?
  • How can you distribute evidence to your account managers?

BaseCase Interactive can transform your mathematical models and product evidence into compact, interactive presentations on the web. You can easily distribute these to your global sales force and centrally update and monitor them in real time.

This conference is organized by Q1.