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BaseCase at the Diagnostics Market Access Conference and the Medical Device Leaders Forum

The second half of the year is busy for BaseCase. We will be attending the following events to present our new case studies with our partners ThermoFischer Scientific and Medtronic.

3rd Annual European Diagnostics Reimbursement and Market Access Conference - Brussels

The 3rd Annual European Diagnostic Reimbursement and Market Access Conference will take place on the 13th-14th September, 2012 in Brussels. The conference will delve into the critical issues that diagnostic corporations will face over the coming year.

Additionally, ThermoFischer Scientific and BaseCase will present a collaborative case study that addresses the communication of economic value to healthcare providers and how to deliver tailored value messages in a visual, interactive format.

The co-presenters at the conference will outline how ThermoFischer Scientific leveraged BaseCase technology to present the economic value proposition for a novel IVD test. Other topics covered in the case study include how to visualize complex economic data and how to deliver a tailored value story for different customer segments.

Medical Device Leaders Forum - Berlin

The up-coming Medical Device Leaders Forum will take place in Berlin on the 28th–30th November 2012. This 3-day event will feature perspectives from a variety of stakeholders involved in the market access of medical devices and technologies. As a sponsor, BaseCase is proud to present their latest case study developed together with Medtronic, a leader in medical device technology.

The case study aimed to develop a way to communicate economic value to healthcare providers – delivering tailored value messages across markets in an understandable format. At the conference, the co-presenters will outline how Medtronic leveraged BaseCase technology as a means to effectively present economic value propositions for several products on the iPad. The case study covers topics such as the challenges of effective value communication, how to deliver a tailored value story for different customer segments and how HQ could provide better support to branches.

This conference is set to be an important one as it focuses on the needs of medical device payers to ensure value demonstration, as well as how to address established and emerging markets.

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