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BaseCase at the European Pharmaceutical Reimbursement and Market Access Conference

Challenges of Communicating Evidence to Decision Makers: A Novel Approach using Interactive Presentations on the Web

The evidence required to gain market access is becoming increasingly complex. Studies frequently require sophisticated economic or epidemiological models or patient databases. At the same time, decision making is becoming more decentralized and evidence needs to be communicated to a larger audience.

  • How can complex evidence be communicated to national authorities, payers and formulary committees?
  • How can product evidence be disseminated within the global organization?
  • How can models be “tailored” to regional settings?

Dr. Gijs Hubben will talk about novel web-based software to address these issues. This solution can transform complex evidence (including mathematical models) into compact, interactive presentations that are easy to distribute and maintain online.

We hope to see you at the upcoming European Pharmaceutical Reimbursement & Market Access Conference that will take place March 8-9 2010, in London.