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New release: BaseCase for Windows

BaseCase is pleased to announce the new release (v3.1.0) of BaseCase for Windows. BaseCase for Windows has been completely rebuilt with cutting-edge technology. The new Chromium-based engine in this latest release has allowed for expanded feature support as well as substantial performance improvements.

As with earlier releases (previously named the BaseCase Desktop Client), BaseCase for Windows allows you to view your BaseCase apps, both online and offline. However, this new version brings improved support for the latest range of Windows tablets, including hi-DPI models such as Microsoft Surface Pro.

BaseCase for Windows also includes a dedicated download manager. You can now monitor the download progress of files and easily access them when the download completes.

Users of the previous versions (the most recent being v2.0.4, released September 2014) should visit the download page and upgrade now. Please note, SSO (Single-Sign-On) users should contact to obtain an appropriate build for your organization.

For more information on platform support, see Browser Compatibility.

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