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BaseCase impact recognized in Berlin

BERLIN — The German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel spoke with BaseCase CEO Gijs Hubben and other founders this week at an event at the Ministry for Economic Affairs on the international and dynamic start-up community in the country.

Minister Gabriel applauded “…the significant contribution to the prosperity of Germany” made by companies such as BaseCase, which form part of a booming technology sector centered around the capital Berlin.

Successful entrepreneurs with foreign roots were invited by the minister to share experiences, identify success factors and discuss the challenges faced when starting a company.

It’s an important topic for the German government. Removing barriers to entrepreneurship is particularly pressing this year, given the need to integrate large numbers of foreign nationals entering the country.

During the discussion, Gijs commented that the financing opportunities for startups in Germany are generally good, and that BaseCase received funding from two German investment funds, HTGF and IBB, in 2010. Without this investment, BaseCase would not have been able to develop its software products.

He also spoke about the challenges the company faces in recruiting the best software talent in the industry, stressing the importance of being able to hire internationally, where attempts to recruit from within the EU have not been successful.

Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel speaking at the event
The panel of founders discuss entrepreneurship in Germany