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BaseCase now available on Windows 8 devices

BaseCase now offers full support for Windows 8 tablets and laptops. This is in addition to supporting iPad and Android, the two other main players in the tablet space.

While many pharma companies are attracted to the design and user-friendly interface of the iPad, it’s important to stay flexible over your choice of hardware. Our philosophy is to ‘future proof’ content, since it’s difficult to anticipate changes in technology. Just as Blackberry was once the dominant form of cell phone for business, so the iPad may in future take second place to one of its rivals.

Unlike custom-built apps that are typically programmed for use on only one kind of tablet, BaseCase apps are designed to work on almost any device, so you don’t have to think about which kind of tablet might be popular several years down the line. And we’re committed to supporting any major device that comes onto the market in future years.

This means that you never have to worry about being locked in to outdated hardware, or about an investment in content being undermined by changes in the rapidly-moving world of technology.

With BaseCase, key account managers can use their preferred hardware, country affiliates can pursue their own purchasing decisions, and everyone has the freedom to change the devices that they use - without losing access to the content they’ve developed.

Windows 8 devices include the Asus Taichi, featuring both front and reverse screens

About Windows 8 tablets

Windows 8 tablets include Microsoft’s Surface, which features a detachable cover with built-in keyboard, and the Dell XPS 12, which allows the user to flip the screen around, transforming a tablet into a conventional laptop.

With Intel-powered processors that can be several times more powerful than the latest iPad, Windows 8 tablets allow for more computationally intensive modeling, while retaining the smooth user experience expected from a tablet device.

They’re also often regarded as more business-friendly, as they come with full support for Windows applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop.