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BaseCase Tip — Drag and drop colors and fonts to develop apps faster

I’ve written elsewhere about some of the tips and tricks you can use to make the app development process faster and easier, and I’d like to share with you another very useful example: dragging and dropping colors and fonts.

It’s a simple shortcut that will quickly become as natural to use as hitting Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste. As the video shows, you can simply drag a color or font from one location to another within the Style Manager, or on the control’s Properties tab.

BaseCase product design philosophy

The core advantage of BaseCase Interactive is that it provides the fastest and most flexible way to develop customer engagement apps.

As the range of features on our platform continues to grow, ease of use remains at the heart of our product design philosophy.

This is essential. Small changes in usability translate into small amounts of time saved, or lost, and these can add up to a deadline met, or missed.

To help you develop customer engagement tools faster, we have a laser-like focus on producing software that’s highly intuitive, with built-in features to make the process more efficient.

To find out more, you can request a demo, or read an interview with our Vice President of Product, Jeff Nichols, in which he discusses his vision for BaseCase products.

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