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Better navigation helps payers find the right message

We’re really excited about navigation popups - something that’s just been made possible thanks to several updates to our app development platform.

Navigation popups help create a smooth user experience, making it easier for your KAMs, MSLs and reps to locate just right the part of the app.

As field teams struggle to get face-time with HCPs, developing tools in this way can make a difference in market access teams’ ability to strike a chord with their customers.

How does it work?

In recent blog posts, we brought you news of the Navigation List control and improved Popups. Now, thanks to a number of technical improvements, these can be used in combination, allowing you to create a popup navigation menu that hides discreetly behind a button.

In this example, clicking the menu button displays the navigation menu on a popup, with a semitransparent overlay. As you click through the menu, the selected pages can be seen through the overlay. When the right page has been found, you just click on the overlay to close the navigation menu and continue the presentation.

It’s an intuitive and user-friendly way of navigating your way around the value story, that allows the user to make use of the visual cues provided by each page. (When looking for a particular value message, it’s often the case that you know what the page looks like, whether or not you recall the title for that page.)

Perhaps the most common position for a navigation menu of this type is to the left of the page, as a sidebar, but the menu could also be presented as a horizontal bar, or anywhere else on the page.

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