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Bulk operations make life easier for admins

Last week we added some time-saving features to the platform that are of particular interest to BaseCase users with responsibility for administering user accounts.

‘Bulk operations’ enable you to apply changes to a large number of accounts at the same time, rather than one by one. If you’re an admin that’s responsible for managing dozens or hundreds of user accounts, this will help reduce the administrative burden very significantly.

This short video shows you how to access these features in your account. While you could previously only create users in bulk, you can now perform the following additional operations:

Delete: removes user access and all data from the platform.
Disable: revokes access, but preserves user data.
Enable: restores access for disabled user accounts.
Change role: changes the permission level.
Change domain: changes the domain.
Rename: changes the email address associated with users’ accounts.

When renaming, enter the user’s current email address on the left, separated from the new email address on the right by a space or tab. As the video shows, the easiest way to do this is to organize the email addresses in columns in a spreadsheet and copy-paste into BaseCase.

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