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Interview with Atlanta Kassatly - Vice President, Consulting

We spoke with resident value communication specialist and Vice President of Consulting Atlanta Kassatly about developments in market access and the ingredients of a successful customer engagement tool. Can you start by saying a little about your background in health economics? Sure. I’m particularly interested in the role of he...

Interview — Daniel González-Albo, Marketing Creative

Tell us a bit about your marketing experience in the life sciences industry. My work in the life sciences industry began about two years ago at AbbVie Spain. They needed someone with both analytical and design skills to create customer engagement apps using BaseCase Interactive. I developed content for several ...

Interview: Christine Nichols, Medtronic Advanced Energy

We spoke to the Principal Health Economic Analyst at Medtronic Advanced Energy about the impact of the Affordable Care Act, the rising value of HEOR evidence, and the benefits of developing customer engagement apps in-house. Can you tell us a little about Medtronic Advanced Energy? We are one of the ...