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Coming Soon — Embed Animations With The Video Control

We’re pleased to announce the imminent launch of the Video control, a powerful new tool for app developers using BaseCase Interactive.

The Video control makes it possible to create more dynamic, visually expressive and interactive tools for customer engagement.

Video playback in a BaseCase app has until now been achieved using a button, which opens the video fullscreen in the native video player of the device. The new control greatly expands on the way video can be used in your app and provides a seamless multimedia experience for users.

As well as embedding animations to be played within the page of your app, you can integrate multimedia with other controls, layering text or other elements over the top. Your users will not be required to leave the presentation or rely on separate apps to access the content.

As with all BaseCase controls, the Video control is feature-rich, highly customizable and versatile. We suggest the following three uses:

Product videos and testimonials

Commercial teams can boost the effectiveness of their sales and marketing tools using high-impact product videos and testimonials.

Dynamic backgrounds

One of the more imaginative applications for the Video control is the creation of a dynamic background, as shown here.

Embedded animations

Integrate animations to make the clinical and economic impact of your product crystal clear. A mechanism of action animation, as in this example, is one common example.

The Video control will be released in early 2017.

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