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Communicating HEOR to colleagues

Every time I talk to health economists or market access managers about the commercial outlook, I hear a similar story: customer engagement at the local level is becoming more difficult.

To our clients, the attraction of BaseCase is that it helps encourage adoption at the local level, by helping to communicate clinical and economic evidence to payers.

Recently I heard about another use for the software that I found interesting. A health economist at one of the top pharma companies explained to me that communicating health economics internally was as much of a problem as communicating it to non-experts outside the company, and her answer was to use BaseCase to collaborate with colleagues.

The particular problem they had was keeping a clear overview of different kinds of pricing, and it was thought that a BaseCase app would provide this.

So, in addition to developing a budget impact app for discussions with hospital clients, the company was developing an internal app that health economists could use to communicate with the commercial team.

As the importance of using health economics increases, I think it will become more common to use the platform this way, as evidence has to be prepared inside the company before it can be used with customers.