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Copy and paste now available in BaseCase Interactive

We’ve added the familiar copy-paste operation to BaseCase Interactive, providing new capabilities and helping you to save time when developing a presentation.

If you’re building an app on a Windows machine, use ‘Ctrl+C’ to copy, and ‘Ctrl+V’ to paste. For Mac users, it’s ‘Cmd+C’ and ‘Cmd+V’.

Copy-paste complements the existing ‘duplicate’ operation (Ctrl+D or Cmd+D), which allows you to quickly duplicate the currently selected control.

While duplicate is a convenient shortcut for copying a control onto the same page, copy-paste is preferable when you want to copy a control from one page in your app to a different page.

Copy-paste even works between apps, and you can copy entire pages as well as individual controls. This enables you to reuse the most successful parts of your presentations, rather than recreating them from scratch.

When you copy-paste a control or a page, any styles, assets, or references will be copied over as well. Any formulas included in the controls will be converted into static values.

This new feature was developed in response to requests from our community of app developers. If there’s a feature or improvement that you would like to see on BaseCase Interactive, please get in touch.