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Think global, act local: a global marketing strategy that fits local pharma markets

One key question that pharma and medical device companies face is how to pursue a global marketing strategy at the same time as adapting marketing and communication tools to suit local needs. A global market access and marketing approach is preferable as it allows for consistency, and is more time and cost efficient. But local payers don’t want to hear a generic value story, they want to hear a presentation that is tailored to their particular setting.

Sunil Ramkali, Account Director at communication agency ‘W’, provides a set of recommendations for global pharma brand campaigns to incorporate local knowledge. One idea is to set up a core team of brand advocates, including local marketing affiliates, and involve them in the branding and testing process. He also recommends building a culture of exchange between global and local marketing teams where both set the right terminology, agree upon brand campaign objectives and find the correct balance between standardization and adaptation.

Our app development platform BaseCase Interactive was designed with these concerns in mind. It allows pharma and device firms to implement a global branding and marketing strategy, while undertaking country adaptations in a smooth and efficient way.

Developing apps that respond to local data

Disease prevalence, treatment mix and economic and cultural factors differ between patient populations. This in turn affects the outcomes of your health economic model. To capture this local information without requiring your key account managers to use a spreadsheet in the meeting, we created BaseCase Interactive.

Our cloud-based platform allows you to develop apps in-house, that are based on your health economic models. Using BaseCase Interactive, you simply upload your model and link it to a presentation interface, which enables the user to input their local variables to generate outcomes that are true to their population. These outcomes are displayed in a graphical and intuitive way on the interface of the app.

Going further: developing apps for a specific market

The adaptability and flexibility of the platform is an essential part of what lets you go even further and create apps that are a perfect fit for the local conditions. Each market has its own set of competitors, cultural influences and regulations. Companies that are sensitive to these differences and empower local marketing teams to make adaptations to marketing and market access tools will ensure their core values are communicated successfully in each market.

The key feature of our app development platform is that it allows global HQ to distribute a ‘core app’ to affiliates, which they can then adapt to meet their local requirements. Market access teams in each country are given secure user accounts to log in and create a version of the app that reflects what the payers and providers in their area are interested in.