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Create cleaner, more interactive apps with the Dynamic box

Use the datafeed to determine which panel to show

The new Dynamic box control has a wide range of applications that help you to create cleaner, more dynamic and interactive value stories.

It works just like a Basic box, but with multiple panels, so you can change the content of the box based on inputs defined by the user. The value in the datafeed (cell A1) of the dynamic box determines which panel is displayed:

One benefit of “layering” information using the panels of a Dynamic box is that you can display only the information that is relevant for the user.

In this example, a Dropdown menu is used to select a particular indication for consideration, revealing further inputs for the user to make based on their selection.

Save space and create a cleaner app with dynamic layers

As well as displaying further inputs, you can use a Dynamic box to show results tailored to the customer’s data. For example, you could create a Bar chart that compares treatment costs and set it to be displayed only if the client’s inputs meet certain conditions.

If those conditions are not met, alternative content can be displayed. This may be because there is no data available for that selection, or because the results would not be relevant or compelling enough to justify inclusion.

Layering information in this way, and displaying only relevant information, enables you to save space on the page, an important concern if your presentation is to be displayed on an iPad or other tablet device.

Other potential uses include displaying an image or clickable element in response to a certain input, or showing a warning or disclaimer in the event that the user’s inputs either deviate from the default, or fall outside certain parameters.

Our content development team have found that the flexibility of the Dynamic box enables it to be used in a wide range of apps to suit different purposes - some of them unexpected. If you find a use for the control not mentioned here please do let us know!