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Cut costs with a new translation workflow

Global market access managers often face challenges translating their customer engagement apps into different languages. Working with external vendors is both costly and time-consuming.

With BaseCase Interactive it’s much simpler. And now our development team have released a new feature that makes the process even easier. The localization tool provides a clear and straightforward workflow for translating BaseCase apps.

Translation workflow pop-up

For example, an app that was developed using English can be translated into Italian in three steps:

  1. Download the translation template
  2. Edit using a spreadsheet editor (e.g. MS Excel)
  3. Upload, check and apply the translation

You can access the feature by clicking on More, in the top-right hand corner of the editor, inside the app you want to translate.

Click on *More*, in the top-right hand corner of the editor, to access the feature

Once you’ve opened the tool, click the “Download template” button to generate a template of all the text in the app, in a spreadsheet. This file can then be sent to your preferred translation company, and the returned translation simply re-uploaded to BaseCase Interactive to translate all the text in the app.

When you re-upload the template containing the translations, you can check the text elements that will be changed. Click ‘Apply translation’, and the app will be automatically translated.

A page from a BaseCase app, before and after translation