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Digital resource distribution: The simple, secure, and efficient way

Life science companies have long supported healthcare professionals with product information and resources as print materials. Now, the mobile revolution has presented opportunities to provide these materials digitally—in the form of interactive mobile apps. In the transition from print to digital, many life science companies used password-protected public websites to distribute resources online. Such websites worked well at the time; however, as more and more digital resources accumulated, user-bases expanded, and mobile technology advanced, they needed to be adapted to incorporate additional functionalities. One of which was user sign-up and administration.

“How can we provide ease-of-access, yet ensure that only authorized users have access to only certain resources?”

In order to distribute digital resources securely, some form of user sign-up and administration is inevitably required. While the traditional sign-up processes used in password-protected public websites can offer security, they aren’t optimized for use in busy clinical settings. In order to maximize engagement with clinicians, existing website sign-up processes would need to be adapted to be easily-accessible, fast, and efficient.

BaseCase Portal makes it possible to quickly and securely share digital resources with third parties, such as payers, providers, and HCPs.

So how exactly does BaseCase Portal help facilitate global distribution of resources, while also guaranteeing security and accessibility?

Our solution takes the form of a rapid self-enrollment process, where each user’s profile determines the resources they have access to, based on their provided region and therapeutic area(s). We also mobile-optimized enrollment, making access from a clinical setting all the more convenient.

Access to content is managed in the Portal Distribution Center, which is tightly integrated with user administration allowing for granular access control. We’ve also included an optional user approval workflow that provides an additional level of administrative control and safety.

The above extract was taken from The BaseCase Guide to Digital Resource Distribution. The guide provides a brief history of digital resource distribution within the life sciences industry. Further, it demonstrates the main issues associated with using password-protected websites for sharing content and how BaseCase Portal was designed to overcome them.

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