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Do you experience a Global-Local disconnect?

As market access rises in importance, attempts to improve payer engagement across the business may bring into sharp relief an old struggle: the Global-Local disconnect.

For a multinational enterprise, the challenges of communicating between countries and across different parts of the business are far from trivial. Aligning goals and meeting expectations is notoriously difficult.

Typically, Global wants to have the oversight and control necessary to implement a central strategy and to monitor the performance of customer engagement tools throughout the business. Ultimately, they want to encourage market adoption in all countries.

Country affiliates often want help from Global, but complain that they can’t get it fast enough. They might also worry that the solutions provided are too ‘one size fits all’. They want the flexibility to add local knowledge and insight to the value story.

Bridging the gap between Global and Local

One of the unique benefits of BaseCase Interactive is that it can bridge this gap between HQ and country affiliates, making global app development much easier.

Our platform connects countries and fosters collaboration. It enables different parts of the business to work together to develop payer engagement apps, in-house, without using programming. Some of the key benefits in this context are:

Affiliates can get the help they need, while staying flexible enough to inject the all-important local knowledge and insight to the value proposition. At the same time, HQ can effectively and efficiently manage a global rollout of apps for customer engagement across the business.