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E-Detailing on the iPad: the essential sales tool

When the iPad hit the market in 2010, no one was sure how this new product would impact on business. But fast forward two years and the iPad has found an application in almost every industry. This includes healthcare, with major developments in m-health and e-health attributed to the ‘iPad revolution’.

E-detailing is a form of marketing that uses the internet as the central method of communication. For sales, this might come in the form of micro-websites, direct email campaigning, and most recently through apps run from devices such as the iPad. Pharma firms can now start to build brand relationships with potential payers by connecting with them via e-detailing methods.

Medical apps for the iPad have been developed to help patients manage healthcare bills, to visualize the human anatomy, and even to provide patients with instant medical advice. However, one area that has enormous potential in the coming years is the use of apps that support customer engagement. BaseCase was founded to meet a growing demand for this kind of tool.

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Better customer engagement with BaseCase apps

The iPad is currently the leader in terms of tools used in product presentations, but other brands such as Samsung are gaining market share. BaseCase apps are compatible with all devices, allowing pharma key account managers the flexibility to use their preferred hardware.

BaseCase Interactive is a platform used by market access and health economics departments to develop spreadsheet-driven apps for value communication. BaseCase apps are interactive, customer-specific value stories that support interactions between key account managers and payers and providers.

Country adaptations

The platform makes app development more efficient and less costly. By designing a ‘core app’ for a product and sharing it with affiliates, global HQ retains control over branding and messaging, and avoids duplication of efforts at the country level.

Affiliates use the online editor to create a country-specific version of the core app, which is shared with key account staff for use in the field. Every discussion is based around a client’s actual population data, so customers don’t have to connect the dots.

BaseCase CLM

With BaseCase CLM, we offer a Closed Loop Marketing product designed specifically for market access. BaseCase CLM collects data from apps as they are used in the field, so managers can see how well they are working and target areas for further discussion and improvement. Because it’s all cloud-based, collaborating and getting started with BaseCase is easy.