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Enhance confidentiality with the signature control

In the life sciences industry, confidentiality and data security are of the utmost importance, and it’s often desirable to ask users to accept a disclaimer, terms of use or confidentiality statement.

The new signature control further bolsters security, by enabling you to take a signature during a presentation.

The user simply signs in the box using a digital pen, or with their finger. A PDF containing the signature and relevant agreement can then be emailed to the user and your company’s reporting system.

If you wish, you can even make access to your content conditional on receiving a signature. In the below example, the user cannot access the app until they have signed to indicate acceptance of the displayed conditions.

Implicit navigation is disabled for this page only, so the user can swipe through pages in the rest of the app, but not on the Disclaimer page.

This is achieved using the datafeed for the signature control, which shows ‘0’ in cell A1 when the box is empty, and ‘1’ after a mark has been made. This gives you the ability to control access to content, with the use of a dynamic box.

We used a dynamic box with two panels. Panel one contains a grey button that opens a warning popup: this is shown when the signature box is empty. Otherwise, panel two is shown: this contains a green button that navigates to the next page.

The same logic can be used to control access to content in different ways. For example, you may wish to provide a ‘Download report’ or ‘Email report’ button that can only be used when the user agrees to your terms of use.