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Every country counts: engage payers in all your markets

Pharma and medical device markets vary widely in size: there’s a handful of big fish, a haul of medium-sized opportunities and a lot of minnows.

The uneven nature of the global marketplace can create an investment imbalance. When launching a new product, the obvious areas of focus for marketing and market access efforts are the established markets of North America, Europe and Japan, where revenues are highest.

Often the smaller countries don’t get the same level or quality of support from Global, as the potential return is lower. But when you take them together, the smaller countries can add a lot of value to your company. Netting a number of smaller opportunities can have the same effect as catching a big fish.

Quite early on in the development of BaseCase Interactive, we realized that the tool had the potential to expand the reach of market access teams, because it lowers the barrier for investment, making it easier for small counties to develop payer engagement tools.

It doesn’t make financial sense for smaller countries to develop custom apps using a local consultancy - but they can use BaseCase for that purpose.

A typical workflow for one of our clients is as follows. First, the global team chooses a subscription package that provides access to the relevant countries and business units in the company. Global will then develop a core app, based around the core value proposition for the product. Country affiliates can then simply log in to the platform and create their own local version, using the drag and drop editor.

For market access teams, the platform brings a large number of small countries into play, making it possible to engage payers with the same high-quality interactive iPad apps used by the major markets - without the high price tag.