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Faster Computation on BaseCase

This year, the development team have been working hard to improve the performance of BaseCase apps. After months of development, the updates are now live and the results can be felt on the platform.

There are a wide range of factors affecting the speed of an app, such as the device you are running it on, the size of your model and the graphical elements used, so the benefits for a particular app and user will vary.

For example, an iPad2 running an app backed by a 250 KB Excel workbook would previously have been a little sluggish. With the new speedups, graphic elements will render more smoothly and it’ll take less time to perform a calculation, so results will be displayed more quickly than before.

In fact, an iPad app backed by even a 1 MB Excel workbook will be responsive and pleasant to use following the update. In some cases, computations will be 10 times faster than they were before, creating a greatly improved user experience.