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For your next product launch, engage payers better

Start right away with our app development team

Whatever the long-term strategy, the most urgent and pressing requirements always stem from the product launch that is just around the corner.

We’ve found that new business relationships tend to begin because there is a particular project underway, and the client requires a customer engagement app to be developed in the short or medium term.

For this reason, we’ve invested a lot in creating a solution that can be instantly adopted - so you can use the technology straight away, with minimal commitment on your side.

We’ve built up a team of consultant health economists, designers and app builders that are experts in our software. They’re available to develop apps on your behalf, while you become better acquainted with the platform.

Our team can achieve short turnaround times because there is no time-consuming programming involved in the development of a BaseCase app. This means they can take on large app development projects at short notice.

Scale up internal capacity for the long term

This solution enables market access teams to start with a small commitment in terms of staff and resources, and scale up internal capacity at their own pace.

Because the platform is easy to use, it’s normally possible to scale up internal capacity quite rapidly. And to assist you in the process, we offer a range of support models to suit your requirements.

Full service

Outsource app development to the BaseCase consulting team. Submit your source materials (spreadsheet, slide decks, value dossier etc.) to our team, and we will go through a process of planning, storyboarding, implementation and revision to develop your app for you.

Hybrid model

A transitional model between the full service and self service model. Our support package contains all the elements you need to start your first in-house projects including graphic design templates, hands on support, app review and critique, and quality assurance.

Self service

For clients wishing to take app development fully in-house. We provide training, certification and ongoing support as required.