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Guide: Full-Screen Apps

From June 18th 2017, BaseCase will present apps in a whole new way, with support for full-screen display on supported devices. This update places a greater focus on your content, and provides an immersive experience for your audience, free from distractions.

Existing apps—created before the update—will continue to be displayed as before, with a persistent menu bar at the top of the screen. For existing apps to take advantage of any new presentation features, they will need to be upgraded. See Upgrading existing apps.

On all platforms, newly created apps will be displayed on a black background. After launching an app, the app menu is displayed briefly and then auto-hides. It can then be recalled by tapping on any non-functional part of the interface. The app overview (if enabled) can be displayed by tapping on the ‘film strip’ icon.

On the BaseCase iPad app, the system status menu is now also hidden, allowing your content to fill the entire screen. Full-screen support for the BaseCase Windows app will be coming soon, in addition to content scaling, allowing immersive presentations on nearly any device.

Upgrading existing apps

Upgrading an app’s canvas to support these new features cannot be undone, so it’s important to understand the procedure before committing to it. It is also recommended that you publish a revision before beginning the upgrade process. This means you have the option of restoring your app to its original state, if necessary.

To upgrade an existing app:

  1. Click on the canvas size link to open Canvas Settings

In the Canvas Settings you will see the:

  1. Upgrade notification
  2. Canvas size options

All apps will start using the black background and auto-hiding menu after being upgraded, but the full effect of upgrading will vary depending on the current canvas size.

Apps that use the Optimized for iPad canvas size will be automatically resized to use a new canvas size that fills the entire iPad screen. This new size is slightly larger (1024 ⨉ 768), and apps will likely need manual layout adjustments in order to best fit this new size. Modification of images to fit the adjusted size and layout may also be necessary.

Apps that use any other canvas size will not be modified.

If you need any assistance regarding the upgrade process, contact