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How Online Tools Are Changing Medical Device Sales

To be in the game, you have to be online… and the medical device industry is no different.

The demanding schedules of physicians, lab technicians and hospital administrators means that sales forces for medical devices must be smart about the way in which they approach potential payers. Due to the complex nature of medical equipment, payers need to be clearly informed about the product, its features, benefits and value to the various stakeholders. The typical 5 minute sales presentation is no longer sufficient to communicate this wealth of important information. The web is now providing a much needed solution.

Cloud-computing tools are revolutionizing the way in which we communicate, especially in the e- detailing process. For the medical device industry it means that sales forces can connect with potential payers prior to and after a sales meeting in the form of web campaigns, direct mailing, 3D modelling visualizations or informational micro-sites. Tim Sellers of Medtech noticed a “dramatic increase in the use of search marketing to drive traffic to surgeon locators on product web sites”. This flow of communication can help to build a brand relationship with potential buyers by providing them with more extensive information that can be accessed 24/7. Most importantly, these tools offer increased flexibility for a sales rep who can tailor their presentations, on-the-fly, directly from their laptop or iPad.

Sales reps are now increasingly using mobile devices, but so too are physicians. A report by Jackson & Coker estimated that 80% of doctors use mobile devices at work, highlighting the rapid adoption of such technologies in the medical field. This means that medical professionals are now constantly connected to the web while at work which provides the perfect access point for medical device firms to reach their potential payer group. Giving physicians the possibility to access product information that interests them, at a time that is convenient for them, increases the chance that they will read and engage with new product information.

BaseCase is one of many new cloud-computing tools to support the e-detailing process. BaseCase works directly with medical device companies to build spreadsheet-driven web-apps which transform complex health economic evidence into interactive presentations. The apps can be accessed and updated anywhere, anytime giving sales reps the power to make personalized presentations. Medical device companies can then ensure sales presentations communicate the value of their products more efficiently than ever.

To guarantee that your medical device firm does not get left behind, investigate how new cloud technologies can benefit the e-detailing process to ensure that you stay ahead of the game.