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How the creativity of affiliates can improve the global value story

While one of the traditional benefits of BaseCase is that it gives pharma HQ greater control over branding and value messages, it can pay dividends to allow affiliates a little creative freedom.

Last week I heard that a client at the HQ of a big pharma company had added a new interactive map to their core value story, to be used worldwide. This powerful new idea had come from an affiliate who had been adapting the core value proposition for her own market.

Hearing this made me realize that BaseCase is facilitating market access teams to effectively crowdsource value story development. Regional affiliates are working on the same materials as global, and contributing sometimes crowd-beating ideas to the global value story.

In this way global pharma companies are leveraging the creativity of their affiliates. Developing content on the web-based platform allows ideas to flow horizontally and also back up to headquarters

  • in addition to the traditional top-down flow from HQ to affiliates.

There hasn’t always been a term for it, but ‘crowd creativity’ has long been a way to improve marketing materials and other creative products. I like the example of a competition held in 1936 by carmakers ‘Toyoda’ to find a new company logo - the winning entry didn’t survive but the company name itself was permanently changed as a result (to ‘Toyota’).

The underlying power of crowd creativity is that you don’t always know where a good idea is going to come from, so the deeper the pool of ideas at your disposal the better. There is always another way of telling the story or of generating interest from payers and providers - crowd-beating ideas just waiting to be contributed.