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How to convert PDFs into interactive apps

How can you convert your PDFs into dynamic apps for customer engagement? A new, user-friendly feature on BaseCase Interactive helps you do this with just a few clicks.

It doesn’t matter what device your team prefers - iPad, laptop, Microsoft Surface or Android tablets - your newly interactive presentations will be compatible with them all.

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What are the benefits?

Some BaseCase customers use external creative agencies to design the artwork for their customer engagement apps. This new feature will greatly streamline the process.

Rather than creating multiple pages, uploading the artwork and setting each one individually as a page background, you can just import a multi-page PDF and let BaseCase do the work.

The feature is so easy to use, you may find that some of your existing PDF brochures can be resurrected as dynamic and interactive apps, with limited extra development needed.

How it works

The import PDF feature makes it easy for you to create interactive apps from PDF images that have single or multiple pages. And it works equally well with image files (JPG, PNG or GIF format).

To get started, simply open the Storyboard Editor and Click ‘Import’, as shown.

To import a PDF or image files, open the Storyboard Editor [1], click Import [2] and Upload [3]

Each page of your PDF will be converted to an image and set as the background to a unique page in your app, created automatically.

You can now use the full range of BaseCase controls to make your presentation interactive. One particularly useful control in this context is the Hotspot, which allows you to make elements on the page clickable, for navigation or other purposes.

For more information about importing PDFs and the full range of BaseCase features, please request a demo.