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How to Engage Clients and Increase Sales with Interactive Presentations

If a picture is worth a thousand words – how many is an interactive presentation worth? Interactive presentations leverage the latest technology to enable pick-a-path type discussions in which audience members can participate and modify inputs with the slide of a button. Sales presentations usually contain generalized information as reps cannot foresee the customers’ exact requirements or needs. In contrast, interactive presentations become smarter during the pitch as they incorporate audiences’ personalized information to allow for more focused discussions. Interactive presentations upgrade the pitch from a monologue to a joint collaboration that results in faster purchasing decisions while eliminating multiple meetings.

Interactive Presentations for Health Economics and Health Outcomes

Let’s consider George – a Life Sciences Key Account Manager at a major pharmaceutical company. He was using an Excel spreadsheet model and PowerPoint to support his sales pitches to hospital administrators, and while he was not failing at making sales, he often found himself frantically flipping through his PowerPoint presentations trying to locate the right slide to answer to the audience’s question. Or George regretted leaving meetings with the promise to respond soon with the correct figures that he was not capable of generating during the pitch. George’s employer was aware of the inefficiencies and decided to take advantage of an interactive presentation solution to improve his team’s pitch and resulting sales.

The Excel model and PowerPoint presentation were incorporated into a fully customized, interactive visual aid for George and distributed among his sales team. The cloud-based presentation allowed George to centrally maintain and update the presentation instantly and for each key account manager to edit their own presentation based on the patient population of the target physician or hospital financial director, and time frame of the upcoming meeting. Each presentation contained the latest clinical and economic evidence, product information, graphics and company brochures, which were all embedded for immediate access. This enabled the reps to interact with their audience during the pitch to create a dynamic discussion that allows for the necessary give-and-take of a sale. As a result, George found his meetings more impactful as they contained the same level as detail but in a much more concise and easily accessible format.

Although the presentation was also available offline, George and his team took advantage of the online capabilities and added hyperlinks to Pub Med and videos for further assistance during the pitch. This quick access to supporting evidence further empowered George with the confidence needed to discuss complex scientific details that had previously made him uncomfortable. The presentation ran on every device, including the iPad, so George could literally hand over the presentation to the prospect as they wished to become involved. This enabled the audience to consider a complex set of data up close, which takes into consideration the fact that the majority of people best learn visually.

In addition, George and his team took advantage of some of the more technologically advanced aspects of the presentation. They responded instantly to customers’ questions as they depended on the presentation to calculate figures with accuracy and to quantify the problem with an integrated spreadsheet-based Return on Investment (ROI) calculation. They also used the presentation to collect notes and ROI results from the meeting in a compact and efficient PDF that they immediately emailed to the client with a single click. In the end, the interactive presentation empowered the sales force to reflect upon and improve their pitch for future presentations by utilizing the cloud-based analytics to determine which content was found most useful in the sales meeting. As a result, George and his team increased their sales as they adapted each pitch to the specific needs of the customers.

The Moral of the Story

As George and his team learned, an opportunity to make a sale is too often lost when the customer is not engaged and the presenter does not allow room for an interaction. Reform your presentation strategy and utilize an interactive, cloud-based presentation to increase your conversion rate, drive top line revenue, accelerate the productivity of your sales team, and strengthen your competitive advantage overall.