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Import Pages: breathe new life into PDFs

What does it do?

The Import Pages feature lets you quickly and conveniently convert PDFs and image files into interactive BaseCase apps. External graphic designers can now produce a static version of your app in PDF format, allowing you to then upload it to BaseCase and convert it into an interactive, full-featured app. Additionally, Import Pages also lets you add the interactivity and reporting features of BaseCase to pre-existing marketing materials, resurrecting them as interactive BaseCase apps.

Overview of an Import Pages workflow

How does it work?

PDF files often contain limited functionality or interactivity, but combined with BaseCase you can overlay user interface controls like navigation, popups, and buttons onto imported pages. In exactly the same way as building an app from scratch, you can also add a spreadsheet model for interactive data visualization.

Import Pages converts each PDF page into a new app page. Single or multiple image files can also be imported, with each file similarly resulting in a new page. Both PDF pages and image files are imported as background images for each page of your app, over which BaseCase controls can then be placed.

To access Import Pages, open the Storyboard Editor and click Import… as shown in the following figure.

To import a PDF/image files, open the Storyboard Editor [1], click Import [2] then Upload [3]

Once your app is complete, you can share it like any other BaseCase app and benefit from BaseCase’s integrated analytics and reporting features. From the perspective of presenters or viewers, there will be no indication that your new BaseCase app ever began its development cycle as a pre-existing PDF or image file.

What files have you already that are just waiting to be transformed into BaseCase apps?