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Improved model editor in BaseCase Interactive

In the latest update to BaseCase Interactive, the development team have released a new and improved version of the model editor.

Introduced in 2010, the model editor allows you to integrate an interactive presentation with an Excel workbook, and it has remained largely unchanged until now.

Based on customer feedback, we have completely rebuilt the software to improve its performance. The editor is now much faster, creating a smoother user experience. There is also improved functionality and an updated look and feel.

The new model editor allows you to drag over an area to select multiple cells to copy or cut data. You can also ‘autofill’, by clicking the corner of a cell and pulling it down or across to instantly copy-paste to multiple destination cells.

Select an area to copy or cut and paste. Drag the corner of a cell across or down to ‘autofill’

Because the new model editor is faster and more responsive, you can work with significantly larger spreadsheets.

There is also support for a greater range of formulas, with more economic, mathematical and statistical formulas now available for use.

The update reduces the time and resources required to create apps on BaseCase Interactive, making the app development process more streamlined and cost-effective.