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Pharmaceuticals Leveraging Interactive Tools for Commercial Success

Pharmaceutical sales forces, watch out! The game has changed; commercial success is not longer guaranteed with conventional sales tactics. Sales forces must now be able to illustrate the real value of the product for the buyer as well as the value to the end consumer – the patient. In order to do this, sales teams must be even more responsive during the sales process by leveraging interactive tools.

With more specialized and streamlined sales forces, new technologies such as BaseCase provide web- based applications that act as dynamic and interactive sales support tools. Sales reps are granted access to a presentation which they can modify prior to (or even during) a meeting, insuring that the content they present is relevant to their audience’s interests. Now hospital administrators, key account mangers and physicians play a much more active role in the sales process. With the help of such tools they can indicate their particular interests to the sales rep who can then skip across, highlight or delve into certain points, all at the slide of a button. Since key buying entities are challenged with tight work schedules, sale reps must now ensure that their sales presentations are even more efficient than ever.

These interactive presentation tools are not only visually attractive with features to encourage usability such as sliders, tabs and pop-up boxes; they can also transform complex HEOR models into comprehensible presentations. They offer the sales force detailed information about the audiences’ interaction with the presentation through user analytics. This is then given as feedback to the sales director so that they can ensure that the information is being communicated appropriately.

Although the pharmaceutical industry has been slow to pick up new technologies, it is evident that the iPad is now becoming an essential support tool for sales forces across the industry. In a study published by Intouch Solutions, 68% of physicians who had received a product presentation from a pharmaceutical sales rep reported that they were very or extremely satisfied with the system. This expresses the increasing acceptance of mobile devices for sales. Such tools can run apps and programs which stimulate listener interactivity through dynamic, multi-page presentations that can be viewed, emailed or accessed by the audience.

It is no secret that the scope of marketing is changing in the pharmaceutical industry, and sales forces must not miss out. Interactive web-based tools can now help to engage clients like never before, providing sales directors with new channels to build brand awareness and as innovative tools in the field. Don’t get left behind, request a demoand experience for yourself how interactive tools can be a game changer.