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Interview — Daniel González-Albo, Marketing Creative

Tell us a bit about your marketing experience in the life sciences industry.

My work in the life sciences industry began about two years ago at AbbVie Spain. They needed someone with both analytical and design skills to create customer engagement apps using BaseCase Interactive. I developed content for several brands and was involved in almost all stages of the process: requirements gathering, design, deployment and support.

I worked with a number of AbbVie affiliates, helping them to adapt a ‘core app’ to create localized versions that met their particular needs.

What are the major challenges of creating effective customer engagement content?

When creating content, there are several challenges to overcome. The first is to ensure that what we are showing really adds value and is helping to show the benefits of the product. This often means prioritizing messages and ensuring that the presentation is not overloaded with information.

Another challenge is related to the constant changes both in the medical and regulatory fields. One of the advantages of BaseCase is that making changes to an app is relatively quick and easy, and we need to design the app to allow for easy modification in future.

Can new technologies help to overcome these?

Of course. With BaseCase it’s much easier and more straightforward to create content. Customer engagement apps can be created centrally and distributed globally with a few clicks, and the in-field team only need a tablet and internet connection to have access to updated information.

What does your role at BaseCase entail?

I’m in the Consulting department. Our function is to gather customer requirements and create tools using our app development platform. These tools will help sales representatives to show the benefits of the product and/or to compare it with its competitors. Such apps have always a lot of flexibility, so each tool can be adapted to a different scenario.

What can you do with the BaseCase platform - how does it work?

BaseCase facilitates the process of creating and distributing customer engagement content. Traditionally, this would involve a large number of stakeholders and would take a long time. BaseCase was developed to make it easier to create apps, as it takes programming out of the equation.

I started doing smaller calculators and presentations, and ended up making more complex models for market access purposes, which aimed to make it easy for field teams to communicate evidence-based value messages.

What is most important when designing marketing content for the field team on BaseCase?

First of all, it is important to define what we want to show and how are we going to do it. Before start designing an app in BaseCase, we study what, how and when the messages will be shown.

Furthermore, the content must always be very flexible. The designer has to keep in mind that everything, to a greater or lesser extent, will change. It’s usual to make periodical updates, and the feedback may change. This is why it is very important to develop content so that the impact of possible changes is minimal.

Of course, we must find a balance between information and aesthetics. An app with a lot of content, but hard to read and summarize, will not be useful for the sales representative.