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Interview: Emma Aldridge, onboarding guru

Emma Aldridge, Onboarding Manager

Can you tell us a little about what you do?

Yes, of course. Thanks for having me. I am working with new clients that are getting started with the software, to make sure they make the most of their subscription. My job is to give them a voice within BaseCase, so they have everything they need as they start developing apps in-house.

What are your clients typically looking for?

Typically they are looking to make high quality apps without the high prices associated with using consultants or app developers. The software gives them the flexibility to update apps in-house, so they don’t need to go back to the vendor which takes ages and costs a lot of money.

How do you help?

I help them to spread the word internally and get their personnel up to speed using the platform. I’m here to smooth out the process of building internal capacity to develop apps. Typically you’ll have a range of people collaborating on an app, from market access to health economics and IT. Often we’re talking with people in several different countries around the world.

My role is quite flexible, it’s down to what the client wants really. So it might be giving help in terms of how to use the software, pointing them in the right direction for technical support, that kind of thing. Or it might be creating internal guidelines and documents to spread the word and get everyone on board.

They want to have a conversation with someone to make sure everything goes smoothly. I’m their point of contact at BaseCase.

What are the new onboarding packages that you’re offering?

This is something I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s evolved organically out of my conversations with different clients. Rather than offering a bit of training here, or a bit of support there, we put together everything that you’ll need in a bundle, at a reduced cost. There are three different onboarding packages that you can buy, depending on what your needs are.

What are the benefits?

The idea is that the client can buy one of these packages to get everything they need to make the most out of the technology in the first six months to a year of the subscription.

What they’re essentially buying is a process, so this will cover everything from training in the software, support, QA of the first few apps and regular calls with my team to coordinate and flatten out any issues that might arise.

It also includes high quality app templates that our designers will create for them. One thing I noticed is that, rather than start with a blank sheet of paper, a lot of clients like to have a template to work with. So if the client provides us with branding guidelines and information on colors, logos etc., then our graphics team will create a template app for them with a great layout and repeatable navigation elements etc. The client can then simply duplicate these pages when they start building an app.

Is that where the process ends?

No, once they’ve finished their first app we put it through our own tried-and-tested quality assurance process. The purpose of this is to review their progress and try to really drive excellence in the final product.

At the end of that six-month or one-year period, the goal is to have the client in a position where they can easily create apps by themselves. They’ll have the right workflows in place to build tools that the KAMs or sales reps are really excited about using. They’ll also be able to update these in-house and make improvements independently of us, or any app vendors.

My aim is to have a long-term engagement that maximizes my client’s success. Actually some companies describe my position as ‘Customer Success Manager’ and that’s really what it’s all about.

I hear you’ve also been called ‘Onboarding guru’.

Yes! But only unofficially. One of my clients described me as her guru in the onboarding process and the name kind of stuck. I’m still occasionally referred to as the BaseCase guru - I’m not unhappy about that!

What is your background in ‘customer success management’?

Before coming to BaseCase I spent a few years as Head of Project Management for another technology company in Berlin. This involved seeing a range of projects through from inception to completion, and coordinating with all the stakeholders.

What do you enjoy about this kind of role?

I get to talk to a lot of people from different backgrounds which I love. I like traveling and since we work with almost all the top pharma companies I get to see a lot of different places when I travel for training or a kick-off meeting. It’s nice when you see a new client get really enthusiastic about the technology, and you can help them to discover its potential.