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Interview — Urte Simkeviciute, Customer Success Lead

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us today - perhaps we could start with a brief introduction?

Sure. My name is Urte Simkeviciute and I’m the Senior Customer Success Manager at BaseCase. I’m originally from Lithuania, and I studied economics at the University of Aberdeen in the UK. I became really interested in health economics in my final years at university and focused on research in public health.

I joined BaseCase about 18 months ago and I am now heading up the new Customer Success team. This is part of an ongoing effort to help clients ‘on-board’ and be successful with our technology.

BaseCase has had excellent feedback on its customer support, why is there a need for this new team?

I think these are two different areas. Customer support is more about answering clients’ questions or tackling clients’ issues with the BaseCase software, which means that it’s quite technical and has a reactive nature.

The customer success team has a more proactive focus. We are continuously working with our clients and providing them with the materials and tools they need to get the best value out of our products. It’s a forward-thinking department that helps clients build and maintain success over the long term.

What are your overarching goals?

First and foremost we aim to understand our clients better, to appreciate what their needs are and what challenges they face. Then, to become a trusted advisor and to communicate their needs to our internal departments, so that we can continuously improve our product and deliver everything that’s needed for success. Ultimately, we want to ensure that our clients receive an excellent ROI from our products and we collaborate with them continuously to achieve this.

What happens when customers want more functionality?

We follow up with our clients regularly after they start developing apps to see how they are getting on and to understand whether we can help improve their experience. This might mean more features, or improvements to features that already exist on the platform. We work directly with the software team to make changes.

Can you give some specific examples of clients’ needs?

This will vary quite widely, as we have a wide variety of clients. For example, clients that are following a ‘self-service’ model to develop apps in-house receive training and support to help them build their first apps, and to make them comfortable with the platform. We would also provide training on the post-development phase, to help them roll out their apps globally, or support them during the localization process.

Who are you typically working with? Can you give some examples of typical clients in the industry?

It could be anyone in the organization from the market access manager or sales director who purchased the BaseCase subscription, through to customer-facing representatives such as key account managers or sales reps. We naturally work a lot with the people who use BaseCase to build apps in-house - on the market access side for example, this would likely be health economists.

Is it useful for you then that you studied economics and health economics, that you have that technical background?

Certainly. Especially while on-boarding and training clients developing apps for market access, it’s important to be able to understand their models. These are often complex and technical, for example a budget impact or cost-effectiveness model. In order to advise our clients, we have to be able to understand what their product value proposition is and what message they would like to communicate to their clients; their model analysis is the best way to obtain this information.

You previously developed apps yourself, as a BaseCase Consultant - how relevant is that?

I think that in order to give the right advice to clients we have to know our own product one hundred percent. While working as a consultant I was drawing up storyboards and implementing customer engagement apps using BaseCase Interactive. This helped me see some of the common challenges and I gathered quite a lot of feedback from clients that helped me to understand their perspective. What I gained most from my work as a consultant was a thorough understanding of our set of products - that’s essential.

What motivates you personally to ensure your clients’ success?

While working as a consultant I was buried in specific projects for clients - a budget impact app or e-detailing tool for example. As Customer Success Manager I have more of an overview of the wider, long-term impact on a client’s business.

It’s very motivating to see the value we can bring to these large pharma and medical device companies - how we can improve their ways of marketing their products, and make their processes easier and more efficient.

What kind of impact do you see?

Reduced development times, reduced costs, greater flexibility and adaptability, and everything that stems from these core benefits. What I enjoy about my role is that our goals are really very well aligned. If our clients are successful then we are successful, and it’s great that I can bring our business forward by helping our clients.

How has BaseCase been able to achieve high levels of client satisfaction in your view?

I think there are two things. One, we are offering really high quality, innovative products that are of genuine value to the industry.

The second component is that, as a company, we are in a position to offer exceptional customer service. We are a fairly young and dynamic organization - founded in 2007 - and we’re able to retain a strong personal connection with clients.

This means they don’t get lost in a faceless bureaucracy. There is a great sense of collective responsibility at BaseCase, of people working well together, so clients requests don’t ‘fall through the cracks’, so to speak.