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Product Announcement: Introducing BaseCase Toolkits

Introducing BaseCase Toolkits: a new add-on that allows you to add further content distribution functionality to BaseCase Interactive. This new functionality enables you to quickly deploy content—such as apps, product evidence, and marketing assets—to field teams by bundling everything together into user-friendly, easy-access, branded toolkits.

Toolkits allows you to manage ’static’ forms of digital content alongside interactive BaseCase apps using a single, centralized platform. Simply upload your PDFs, slide decks, and videos along with any BaseCase apps, in just a few clicks. Once all the required content has been added to a toolkit and organized into relevant folders, you can distribute the entire toolkit to field teams with a single sharing action.

Bundle apps, product evidence, and marketing assets into easy-to-use, branded toolkits

By extending the content distribution functionality of BaseCase Interactive, you can gain a variety of benefits.

Access content from one, centralized location

Toolkits allows you to give field teams a single access point to all the content they need to effectively engage with stakeholders. Reps can easily browse through toolkits using an intuitive folder-based hierarchy, and quickly find what they need before and during meetings using both full-text and category-based search options.

Simplify administration

Maintaining your toolkits is a quick and simple process as you can centrally upload any updated assets and re-distribute entire toolkits to field teams in just a few clicks. Each toolkit will then automatically sync to the most recent published version, containing the most up-to-date content, when users next come online. Compliance risks are further minimized as access to content is centrally managed by each toolkit administrator.

Customize toolkits

As a white-label solution, Toolkits allows you to maximize your brand identity and provide your customers with a consistent brand experience. You can customize the appearance of each toolkit by incorporating company and product logos, uploading custom backgrounds, and much more to ensure your branding guidelines are met.

Download our guide, How to take control of your digital content in the field, to learn more about how you can utilize BaseCase Toolkits.

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