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Introducing new and improved buttons

We’ve overhauled the way the Button control works on BaseCase Interactive, giving you much greater control over the appearance and behavior of the buttons in your app, and enabling you to create a more sophisticated user experience.

Under the properties tab, you can enter the text to display on the button, as well as an optional caption underneath. You can also choose from a wide range of icons to place on either side of the text.

Choose from a wide range of symbols to place within the button

Styling options for the button are found in the Style Manager. This is accessed from within the properties tab, by clicking on the pencil icon next to the dropdown menu. You can edit the font, the borders, choose a different color, add transparency, and more.

Click on the pencil icon [1] under the properties tab to style the button

To take your buttons to the next level and create a really professional appearance, design a different style for when the user hovers over a button, when the button is active, or it’s disabled. The Style Manager lets you save preset styles for buttons that can then be accessed instantly from the dropdown menu under the properties tab.

Access the Editor Reference Guide within BaseCase Interactive for more information and technical help using Buttons.