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Introducing: The New BaseCase App for iPad

Our team of developers and designers are pleased to announce that the new BaseCase App for the iPad
is live and freely available from the Apple App Store.

More than six months in the making, our app is chiefly designed to make the process of giving offline presentations simple and convenient. Just install the app and in less than 30 seconds you have everything you need to start accessing your presentations without an internet connection.

The BaseCase App is an iOS application that connects to the server and downloads all the apps you
have access to. Just log in with your usual username and password.

Offline access is crucial when you are presenting to customers from a location with an unreliable internet connection.

As you would expect, if you use your apps offline, the data you enter whilst with the customer will be stored
and synchronized with the server once you are back online. Any PDF reports that you send to customers using
the email function will be queued and dispatched as soon as you reconnect.

Remaining lightweight for ease of installation (around 0.2Mb), a lot of work has been done ‘under the hood’
to make the app exceptionally robust. Our tech team also used this opportunity to enhance the user experience, and the result is a noticeably faster and smoother interaction compared to previous ways of accessing BaseCase offline.

  • To install BaseCase on your iPad, simply search ‘BaseCase’ in the App Store.

  • If you’d like to comment on your experiences using the new App, we’d love to hear from you.