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ISPOR Workshop: Using Interactive Presentations to Communicate Pharma Economic Evidence to Payers

At the upcoming ISPOR conference in Atlanta, BaseCase organizes a workshop on the use of interactive presentations to communicate pharmacoeconomic evidence to payers, in collaboration with Ars Accessus Medica. This workshop will take place on May 19, from 3:00 -4:00 PM.


Economic models are more frequently used in the communications with regional payers, for example to perform a budget impact or business-case analysis for each individual payer. We will present an overview of case-studies that use models in this way, and identify the key challenges and potential solutions of using models at the regional level.


The decentralisation of the health care decision making process in many countries resulted in an additional hurdle for new pharmaceuticals: inclusion in local formularies of payers. However, the decision criteria that payers apply are not explicitly stated and the process lacks transparency. An individual, case-by-case approach is needed. The approach we will explore in this workshop is to take economic models to the payer and perform a custom analysis for their setting. Economic models synthesise evidence from a wide range of sources, and model outcome reflects the consensus of the authors on numerous assumptions. But for such analyses be credible, consensus with payers on model assumptions is crucial. To build credibility with payers, a model needs to be explained and adapted to the local setting. Through dialogue and collaboration with payers, consensus can be reached on model outcome. By integrating the mathematical model into a presentation that is suitable to be used by non-experts, pharmacoeconomic evidence can be effectively used at the regional level.

Discussion Leaders

  • Mark Nuijten MD, PhD, MBA, Director, Ars Accessus Medica/Erasmus University Rotterdam, Jisp, The Netherlands
  • Gijs Hubben PhD, Health Economist, BaseCase Software, Berlin, Germany