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Keeping Intellectual Property Safe

Pharma and device companies are understandably eager to keep their intellectual property safe, and away from any competitors. As digital forensics expert Frank Coggrave puts it:

*The first step is knowing where your data is. Often companies secure their structured data sources

  • databases etc, but the challenge is that data is often scattered across unstructured sources ‘in the wild’ of an organisation.*

Where market access, sales and marketing executives would once have used stacks of charts and printed graphs to illustrate the value of their product, this kind of commercially sensitive information is now distributed electronically.

Market access discussions are typically based on spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations or other unrestricted data formats. With these kinds of open, freely distributable and reproducable tools it can be difficult to keep track of where commercially important HEOR and marketing material is, and how it is being used.

Technological innovation provides a solution. With a dedicated value communication platform, access to the data is provided through a secure log-in, controlled by HQ. Administrators can keep tabs on who is accessing what and when. Another advantage is that data security is built into the design.

This is a leap forward from Excel and other formats that were not created specifically with security, or the needs of the life sciences industries, in mind. With measures such as these, pharma and device companies can take an important step towards locking down their data and preventing unwanted leaks, wherever they may come from.