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Press Release: Certara Announces the Launch of Basecase Data Manager to Enhance Value-based Customer Presentations

PRINCETON, NJ — August 6, 2019 Certara® the global leader in model-informed drug development, regulatory science, real-world evidence and market access services announced the launch of BaseCase Data Manager, which provides clients a powerful way to leverage real-world data (RWD) sources and build data-driven mobile tools.

With BaseCase Data Manager, clients can quickly analyze RWD, perform live calculations and tailor their value-based presentations to each customer. And now, Data Manager supports the use of SQL in addition to standard spreadsheet processing, allowing clients to build simple and intuitive user interfaces powered by much larger, more complex databases.

“This BaseCase Data Manager advance allows clients to incorporate large, real-world datasets into their customer presentations, injecting a higher level of accuracy and relevance into the discussion and increasing customer engagement,” said Thomas Kerbusch, PhD, President of Certara Strategic Consulting. “It also replaces error-prone manual processes with compliant, centralized data management, which makes everyone happy.”

“In addition to improving clients’ in-person customer interactions, BaseCase Data Manager also allows data tailored to the customer’s needs to be included in reports generated by BaseCase Interactive, providing personalized reports automatically, which staff can leave behind as superior follow-up materials” said BaseCase Senior Vice President Seamus Nestor.

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