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Effectively leveraging product Global Value Dossiers

Global Value Dossiers (GVDs) are an important part of securing market access and communicating product value. They’re comprehensive documents that summarise the value—along with all the supporting evidence—of a new product, which affiliates can use to prepare for payer engagements or HTA submissions.

While GVDs contain a wealth of information, they are often underutilized by affiliates because their traditional printed format makes them difficult to navigate efficiently, and impractical as a rapid access reference resource. Also, since GVDs receive regular updates to account for new evidence, a lack of centralized version control can lead to many outdated versions circulating within a global organization.

Using BaseCase, you can develop Interactive Global Value Dossiers (iGVDs) which make finding relevant information and evidence a much quicker and easier process, in contrast to traditional GVDs. BaseCase also allows you to centralize the management of your iGVDs and, by utilizing built-in version control, ensure that only the most up-to-date versions are available for use by affiliates.

A BaseCase iGVD is a centrally managed, high-level summary of a product’s global value dossier, organised by value message.

When compared to traditional GVDs, BaseCase iGVDs have a variety of benefits:

  1. Easy access. Affiliates can easily access an iGVD through a single mobile app and quickly locate relevant information for inclusion in local dossiers or use during payer engagements.
  2. Multi-format, across devices. Once an iGVD has been shared with a user, they can access it on any device—online or offline. Full chapters can also be made available for download in Word, PowerPoint, or PDF formats.
  3. Up-to-date. Provide affiliates with access to an always-up-to-date resource they can use to produce their own compliant, BaseCase value communication tools.

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